Monday, 16 June 2014

Summary of Experience

Considerable depth of experience in:

1. Business Management - Analysis and interpretation of business models/results and recommending corrective action as appropriate.

2. Strategic Planning - Setting company goals. Resource management.

3. IT - Design and installation of information and control systems, both financial and commercial.

4. Budgetary Control and Statistic Analysis.

5. Local Government - Contributed significantly to supporting communities in Thanet through strong partnership work and effective committee involvement as part of the decision-making process to deliver the council's strategic priorities.

Major Contributions I could make:

1. Management -

  • Successful record in strategic planning and business process management.
  • Excellent organisational and community leadership skills.
  • Strong business analytical skills with the ability to grasp issues and key points quickly and put forward salient valid solutions and ideas.
2. Finance - Sound knowledge and experience in financial and budgetary control.

3. Commercial Services - Expertise resulting from many years experience in shaping business and public sector objectives.

4. Community Engagement - Actively involved with local charities and voluntary groups in preparing community bids and helping to secured funding and grants to support sustainable projects. Currently hold board management positions with the following organisations:

Millmead Children's Centre Partnership Limited, Margate (July 2015 - Date).
Trinity Resource Centre, Margate (July 2014 - Date).


  1. Michael

    I am aware of the Three Countywide Ambitions, which, if I remember roughly correctly, is about creating employment opportunities, protection of the environment and putting the citizen in control - all with the over riding objective of tackling disadvantage (likened to three legs of a stool with each dependent on the other).

    In your view how far down the road is Thanet in this? Also, some Councillors have hinted that we need a new voluntary body to look after and exploit our Heritage Assets more effectively.

    If you believe in, or can confirm you are involved in any of this, I would gladly become one of the first members of your site.

  2. It is quite a few hours since I posted the above. An acknowledgement to say you will get back to me will suffice Michael

  3. I have just read your response via private email Michael. Commenting on your own circumstances in tandem with commenting on the bigger picture surely lends more authenticity? Anyhow, thanks for the reply anyway, which I found enlightening.